How could you help your guests to break the ice?


Les petits insta is a project that we developed with my husband in the first place for our wedding. We like to please and we love creating things together.

When we saw the enthusiasm of our guests and the interactions that our game could create, we did not hesitate to develop it and make it a real game marketed online.

Every time we had the pleasure of offering this game for an event, wedding or birthday, surprising things happened!

Participants go so far as to put aside their old family rookies to make the best pictures… other great introverts go out to meet people, to find out who is who, to meet the challenges…

Les petits insta is a game, around instant photography, that works like a treasure hunt.

The game is quite simple and very easy to set up: You have a poster with boxes, each containing an indication, as well as an Instax mini camera, adhesive tape and photo films.

Each participant must fill the boxes of the poster with a snapshot, as efficiently as possible and before the others.







The frame

Until today our website was a little left to his own life. It needed a clear refit and especially a complete review of the online experience.
My main challenge was to play the role of the client and the designer at the same time!

How to take distance enough to create a real new experience for this product?

We opted for a Lean UX approach to give us distance.
Rapid sketching, prototyping, user feedbacks this was essential to understand our users and to create a strong sense of ownership.

First, I had to understand what was wrong with the actual website (even if I had already a lot of assumptions about it) through user testing.

My ambition was to emphasize the «custom part» of the product. With strong UX that could lead to UI design more adapted to our users. My plan was to do user testing, benchmarking of two different worlds that are the birthday parties market and the wedding market, redesign of the brand and UI design. Following this, I crafted an experience strategy.


User testing

Focusing on two scenarios, I made a series of user testing.
1/ How do you understand the product through the landing page?
2/ Do you think you can customize this product?

What people had to say:

➣ People don’t understand what is the product
➣ Misunderstanding of design in general
➣ Misunderstanding of the service and the product packs
➣ The image of les petits insta appears to be young & fresh but not reliable enough

The main problem

People could not rely on the website architecture and did not understand the customization aspect of the product. They were not ready to process an order with this structure.
But when the story behind the product was told out loud, people were enthusiastic about using it.
So, the problem was not the product itself, it was how the story is told.

Diagram of the iterative design and critique process. Warfel, Todd Zaki. 2009. Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide. New York: Rosenfeld Media.

How might we help the users understand the benefits of this game?


Personas through user testing and benchmarking

First I tried to understand the wedding market through blogs and trendy websites that give advice and tips for wedding planners and regular users.
And then I analyzed the party (birthday and other) market. I discovered that they are only a few of these websites about party that gives advice or offers services other than decoration.

It’s clear that the demand for activities is real, and the offers are few. There is clearly an opportunity for the petits insta to grow.

All users looking for a game for their event, hope for a unique experience where all guests enjoy their time together.

I use personas constantly throughout my projects to guide my design decisions and to create empathy. It seemed logical and necessary to create personas based on our first research.
My personas were 4 different archetypes placed in two categories, which could be used to open discussion about their needs and drive our scenarios of use.
We decided to focus on one category for this release.

This also helped us define the new goals for les petits insta :

☛ Offer originality
☛ Offer a product easy to set up (time control)
☛ Create memories through an experience
☛ Create value that generates commitment and through word of mouth will develop the customer base


All party organizers look for originality to surprise their guests.



Structure of the experience

From here we took the party to focus on this need for originality through a gaming experience.
It was essential to focus on the critical components of the experience.
A simple structure came out of this reflexion.
We set up the process from discovering the game, then customization and finally ordering it.
This allowed us to place the user pain-points and see where our attention was needed.

At this point, it was obvious to break down the 3 packs that we have been offering, until now, into one unique product.
This really helped me to build the first low fidelity wireframes.

ONE product only.

Website goal proposition

Until then the product morphed a lot through our users feedbacks. It was time to give a real goal for the website, in order to invest in high fidelity wireframes: Deliver content faster and in a more contextual manner.


Synthesizing goals and researches led me to think about the importance of aesthetics in this design and how we wanted to give personality to the experience.
I had to adapt the branding, the all look and feel and redefine the color scheme to be able to give life to these expectations.



High fidelity wireframes

Combining all components and searches, I was able to put energy through high fidelity wireframing.
The landing page has been designed to allow users to quickly understand the primary functions. Birthday or wedding? Both terms put forward a clear and precise use environment.

Regarding the lack of reliability observed during user testing, we used images on every page to amplify the positive aspect of offering this game to your guests. We hope to show the good memories that we have to offer.

Les petits insta is a game for people who want to offer valuable and original memories to their guests.

A word for the end

Has a generalist UXer, I’m used to wearing many hats. But this time, it was a bit tricky to add another one: the stakeholder.
Lean UX really helped me to bring a vision and at the same time to keep an eye on the big picture. This forces us to think of the experience in priority and to create a cohesive product through a vision.
Seeing our game taking a real turnaround, to become a real experience, this was really exciting!


We were very thrilled by the opportunity to bring a more meaningful experience to people.

I’m sure we will gain knowledge from the next users feedbacks!