The bag voucher program & the new waste collection

Each year according to our tax paid to the municipality of Rixensart, we receive a voucher to exchange for garbage bags.

In this bag voucher program, until today, their was no consideration for how people should sort their waste, and how to bring them information about it.

I decided, for fun, to redesign the voucher and create this link between the voucher and the informations with the support of the RECYCLE! app. 


2020 & the RECYCLE! app

In 2020 the vouchers are no longer available.

Now we use special containers for the collection of all kinds of waste and green waste.

I’ve heard a lot of concerns from my neighbours about this new way of collecting waste. About the taxes that they would pay at the end of the year, about other people who could put trash in their own bin or just the fact that changing habits can be hard sometimes.

I thought it would be nice to redesign the app that is used to inform the population about the collection dates, adding a view on your own production of waste, as well as providing useful pieces of information on how to lower and optimise your production.

I’m convinced that this kind of app can motivate people to try new ways of doing things without forcing them. Always in a positive way.